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Important Note:   DEVTAGO is now called SCORED.

The Independent Real Estate
Quality Check for Great Britain.

Trustworthy. Meaningful. Easy.

  • Your building is receiving a certification.
  • Fixed prices thanks to a flat fee.
  • Certification only takes a few days.
  • Simple implementation for you.
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SCORED is the international trust mark for real estate certifications. With the Real Estate Check and its associated certificate SCORED is honoring quality and performance. The review of the real estate quality is carried out by external and independent surveyors who reside locally. During a Real Estate Check the surveyors can recognize outstanding performance additionally by issuing quality recognitions. Easy to understand test results are an important communication channel in fast-paced world of today: they prodive certainty.

Real estate rankings and quality recognitions for real properties Recognitions are only granted if quality and performance are proven. Promised.

5 Good Reasons for your SCORED Real Estate Check

  • You can obtain a certification within a few days after submitting all relevant materials!
  • The criteria and rating system was developed in cooperation with IndustrialPort, powered by RICS.
  • Our service team is here to help you with all necessary advice. Free of any charge.
  • You and your customers can trust the review results. Because they are independent and completely neutral.
  • In case your property is granted recognitions you can advertise with them.

Get SCORED now! How does it work?

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The Quality Claim

Independent and neutral ratings about real estate based on the practical knowledge of our surveyors in the real estate space.

Independency and Neutrality

All performed ratings and the recognition through quality recognitions are issued through external experts who are not bound to any particual outcome of the review. By also doing this SCORED can ensure neutrality in the publication of rating results.

Professionalism in Real Estate Knowledge

Our surveyors have individually up to decades of experiences in dealing with information about the real estate industry and the construction space. The surveyors love real estate and they bring their love to express with their work here.

Standards and Compliance

By adapting to international standards and established scoring models, we create ratings which you can trust. We are not rating the financial value of a property but instead the individual strengths and weaknesses.

Understanding and Simplicity

As complicated and technical terms in real estate are and each individual review by itself is: With a certification you are creating transparency and the evaluation results are easily understood.

Propose your real property for review now and get more attention!

Let your property tested throuigh a value-neutral examination by our experts. Receive useful information from SCORED which you can use to better marketing real estate. It is easy as 1-2-3: As a customer you propose an object, enter basic figures, upload meaningful files and then run through the rating process which is carried out in consultation with our surveyors. Within a short time you will receive the review and your certificate.

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